10 Clues to Enjoy an Effortless House Move!

House moves are enjoyable. YES! They are worth conducting if you are planning it early, giving it sufficient time, and budgeting cautiously. We do not know what situation you are in currently and how are you planning to proceed with your forthcoming Shillong move, but if you decide to relocate with the packers and movers Shillong, it would be excellent!
Your journey to plan a house move begins the minute the idea of relocation pops into your mind. Because it is from then onwards that you keep thinking of the possible things you will undertake, the decisions you will make and the process you will take up eventually along the journey.

Okay, so you might be thinking about how all of this would be taken care of within a short period. Well, go easy! We have some points that you can consider as clues and follow for your move for a pleasurable relocation.

1. Start with packing the fragile/special articles first – If you start your household packing task by taking care of the fragile articles first, you will be able to sort out a lot of hassle right there in the beginning. You will be clear in your head that you only need to work on the rest of the regular household items including stationery, electronics, furniture, appliances, etc.

2. Sort everything, de-clutter, and design an inventory – While you will work on your belongings to pack the sensitive goods first, you will come across a lot of things that you will find unnecessary. So, once you have taken care of the exquisite belongings, you can work on the remaining items and eventually prepare a moving inventory that includes every item from your household that you plan to move.

3. Discuss, decide and sign up a genuine house mover – You might think why should you work out all of these tasks before the movers arrive, well this is because you will not love them to inspect a chaotic and overcrowded space. After all, every household turns into a big mess when we are sorting out stuff for the move. So, let them come over once you have de-cluttered your house to some extent. Make sure you hire a reputed moving company after needful inspection and evaluation.

4. Keep snaps of valuables, accessories, pictures, etc. – Once you have packed the delicate items, you will have various other items that would require a similar kind of sturdy packaging. These would be paintings, pictures, chandeliers, artifacts, show pieces, accessories, etc. You may choose devoted packing services to serve this valuable stuff with desired care and handling. But make sure you are adding reference pictures alongside the names of the articles on the inventory. This will be of great help!

5. Have an emergency fund prepared ahead of the move – Relocation is one such life event that comes with a significant number of risks and it directly affects your financial state (during the move). Since the journey of the move would see a fair share of ups and downs, you must keep aside a generous sum of money so you can overcome any financial deficit if it ever comes. If not cash, you may keep your cards for the purpose.

6. Have a fine plan ready for the first week after the move – When you relocate, you mostly plan for the journey of the move – like, the things you will do amidst the moving course, the tasks you will fulfill before the moving date, etc., etc. It is never about the things you will work out post the move. So, it is primal to have a post-move plan ready so you can settle into your new house peacefully without having to deal with endless floating thoughts.

7. Get things packed in see-through bags and boxes – Relocations are all about how mindfully you prepare things and pack them for the move. It is also about how you can work out the packing chore with minimum hassle by considering some clever hacks and ideas. For instance, you can pack your essentials, medicines, and other handy items in transparent bags so you can spot them whenever you want to during the journey.

8. Cushion and pack belongings efficiently and add labels – Packing is something that is to be worked out effectively with the right kind of materials. To ensure it is not just the packing but the cushioning of the article as well, you must gather the required supplies and tools in place so that every article reaches its destination intact. Have the correct labels attached to the cartons so that the unloading of the boxes and organization of the tasks happens painlessly.

9. Store all the papers and proofs in an organized folder – All the vital documents that you will prepare ahead of the move would be essential not only for the transit duration but also before and after the journey for verification purposes. So, have all the papers put together within the folder, and also ensure you have the photocopies and e-copies of the documents with you at all times.

10. Relax, enjoy the process, and look forward to the change – Amidst the preparations for your move and other associated tasks and responsibilities, you must not miss out to enjoy your own time because relocations are also meant to be appreciated and loved – especially the journey and everything it involves. Know that relocations would not be solely good; there will be a fair amount of upheavals as well. There would be risks and problems, difficulties and surprises but if you have a plan B in place and you are decisive, escaping any move hassle would be manageable.

The entire course of the move begins with planning to decision-making to eventually pack and relocating is something that is meant to be undertaken seamlessly. That is possible only when you have a pro team of movers and packers Shillong hired on the project.