Car Hire Excess Insurance: Know the Basics

Renting a vehicle is a great way to gain some freedom if you’re going on holiday abroad, but it’s not always as simple as it may first appear. There’s a lot of paperwork to read and sign, not to mention licence and identity checks – and that’s even before any money has been exchanged!
One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of rental companies try to get away with sneaky contracts, and if you haven’t read the documents thoroughly you could end up facing hefty fines if you have an accident on the road. This is where car hire excess insurance comes in – invest in this, and you’ll be completely secure.

What is It?

While hire companies are in the business of making money and are definitely in it for themselves, car hire excess insurance providers have their customers in mind. They are keen to make sure that money isn’t going down the drain (or into the pockets of the rental providers) for no reason.

Rental agreements will usually cover the basics when it comes to insurance, often including Collision and Loss Damage Waivers (CDWs and LDWs), but this protection isn’t completely comprehensive. Taking out car hire excess insurance will mean that you’re totally secure, no matter what – because the policy will cover you for any charges you’re faced with after a road accident in the rental vehicle.

Extra Protection

Yes, CDWs and LDWs cover some parts of the car, but you’ll find that many easily damaged areas are not included in the agreement. But with a separate policy, you’ll be covered for more than just the car parts. Here are some of the things for which you won’t have to pay an excess fee:

• Lost or stolen personal items • Damaged or stolen keys • Tyre replacements and repairs • Damage to windscreen, windows, sunroof or undercarriage


A lot of these companies offer both single and annual multi-trip policies, so whether you’re a frequent user of rental cars or you’re just planning on a one-off trip, it’s easy to save on or avoid unexpected fines. They really do have your best interests at heart!

Making a Claim

If, even after investing in a comprehensive policy, you’ve still been charged by your rental company, you needn’t worry – making a claim is simple, and all you’ll need to do is have a few important documents at the ready and be prepared to supply evidence to support your claim. Most reputable companies guarantee your money back within a matter of days, so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket for too long.

If you’re thinking about renting a vehicle, you should definitely be considering getting in touch with a car hire excess insurance specialist before you sign any documents. Spend a little on your policy and you could save a whole lot in the long run.

Author Plate

Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car hire excess insurance policies. Travellers can rest easy knowing they will be fully protected against any hidden hire car costs and look forward to a stress-free rental experience.

Hit the Road to Scenic Adventures on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK to discover by road. The concept of a road trip around this sleepy island, that was once a Victorian holiday destination, has an air of romance about it and, because of its modest size, you don’t have to spend long days behind the wheel. Instead, you can take things easy and lap up the beautiful views, changing landscapes and glittering coastline at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.
With more than half of the island designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there is something to see around every turn. Bursting with historical accolades and proud of its maritime history and cultural heritage, the Isle of Wight is the perfect destination for a mini road trip.

Discovering the Isle of Wight in Four Days

Day 1 – 16 miles

The ferry crossing from Southampton to East Cowes is very easy but it is recommended that you make a booking with the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferries that leave hourly, on the hour.

When you leave the ferry and make a relaxed cross-country drive to Ventnor, you will pass Osbourne House, which was once home to Queen Victoria. You will also pass through the charming town of Newchurch, and if you fancy fitting in a trip to the Garlic Farm it is recommended. Here you will discover everything to do with garlic and it’s actually a fascinating stop-off.

Day 2 – 65 miles

This is a slightly longer day, but you won’t notice the miles as you roll along the coastal road to Blackgang and then on to Freshwater. Making your way westwards, you can stop for a photo at the Needles and then perhaps make your way to Yarmouth for a bite to eat.

Continuing on, the National Trust properties in Newtown are worth a visit (especially if you are a member), and a stroll along the Cowes seafront admiring the magnificent yachts and designer boutiques is a definite must. Before heading back to Ventnor, the Carisbrooke Castle makes for an interesting visit, and afternoon tea in Brighstone or Mottistone is the perfect way to finish off the afternoon.

Day 3- 50 miles

Today it is the eastern part of the island on the agenda. Before morning coffee in Godshill, consider taking a diversion to Appuldurcombe House, which is famous for its Owl and Falconry Centre. Meandering along the quiet country lanes towards Newport (known for its Classic Boat Museum) is an experience in itself, and remember: there’s no need to rush, just sit back and lap up the pleasure of driving.

The road then takes you to the pretty town of Ryde and on to the quaint village of Bembridge. It’s hard to imagine that there is a Roman Villa on the island, but there is and it’s open to the public. Look out for it in Brading.

This afternoon’s treat has to be a vineyard visit. Adgestone Vineyard offers wine tasting of their locally produced vintages, so why not stop off and buy a bottle or two?

Finally, Bonchurch is a nice place to stop for an early dinner before heading back to Ventnor.

Day 4 – 16 miles

Your last day will see you heading back to the ferry, but there is still time for a last leisurely morning coffee in Godshill before you leave.

Before You Go:

Organising car rental excess insurance is good advice for anyone looking to hire a car. It offers peace of mind that every eventuality with your vehicle is covered. Often the hire companies don’t offer comprehensive enough insurance, so by purchasing car rental excess insurance, you know you are covered should any issue arise.

You can delight in the wonders of this island at any time of the year, but one final tip is to hire a convertible in spring or summer and elevate your trip to the next level.

Author Plate Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car rental excess insurance policies. Travellers can rest easy knowing they will be fully protected against any hidden hire car costs and look forward to a stress-free rental experience.